This is the first international workshop sponsored by Toyota RIKEN (Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute). The purpose of this workshop is to discuss, in an informal fashion, new possibility of cooperation between physics community of heavy fermions and quasi-crystals which have been developing almost independently so far. In the community of heavy fermions, a typical strongly correlated electron system based on rare earth or actinide compounds including f-electrons, quantum critical phenomena (associated with magnetism and valence transition) have attracted much attention for these two decades. Quite recently, it was reported that a heavy fermion quasi-crystal Yb15Al34Au51 exhibits an unconventional quantum criticality similar to that observed in a heavy fermion crystal YbAlB4, suggesting that there exists hidden relationship between two research field. For example, effect of electron correlation does not seem to have been considered in quasi-crystal systems. This workshop is being organized to encourage cooperation between two communities.

This workshop will primarily be based on invited lectures, although limited numbers of poster presentation are accepted.

We hope that this workshop will provide a good opportunity to promote exchanges of ideas and collaborations between two communities, heavy fermions and quasi-crystals.

Date and Place

Date: November 17-19, 2015
Place: Science South Building, Nagoya University